Patient Safety

Safety is the cornerstone of everything we do at Holland Hospital. Following are some of the practices in place to assure a hospital experience focused on your safety, care and comfort.

Wrist Bands

All patients are issued wrist bands at admission. The bar code on your band enables hospital staff to positively identify you with one swipe of a scanner. It also provides your date of birth, medical record number, what tests are needed, and other necessary information. You may receive other bands as well and should wear them at all times while at the hospital.

For Your Safety

  • Your care team will check your wrist band each time they give you medications, including IV medications.

  • Staff will ask you to identify yourself, or have your advocate identify you, before performing tests and procedures.

  • If you are scheduled for surgery, we ask you to confirm where you are having surgery and to mark the surgical site. Your medical team will have a formal “time out” immediately before your procedure for staff to again confirm the patient, procedure and site.

  • Staff will take appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of infections in the hospital. When blood is drawn, a label is immediately printed in your presence. You will be asked to confirm that the tube is labeled correctly with your name.

Staff ID Badges

Every health care professional, staff member or volunteer involved in your care is required to wear a photo identification (ID) badge. This enables you to know who is involved in your care at all times. If you question the identity of any staff member involved in your care, please summon a nurse immediately with the nurse call button.


It is very important that you inform your physician and nurse of any medication you have brought with you to the hospital. Patients should not take any medications other than those specified or approved by their physician and administered by the nursing staff.

Our nursing units use Pyxis machines to dispense medication accurately and efficiently. These computerized machines are monitored by our in-hospital pharmacy to supply medications in prescribed doses, decreasing the chance of medication error.

Hand Hygiene

Hand washing is the single most important thing health care workers can do to prevent infection. Holland Hospital’s hand washing policy requires all employees to “wash in, wash out” each time they enter or leave your room. If you notice that a health care provider does not wash or sanitize their hands, it is okay to remind them, and we encourage you to do so.

For your health, it is also important that you wash your own hands before you eat, after using the bathroom, bedpan or commode, and after touching something soiled.

Emergency Drills

For the protection of our patients and visitors, Holland Hospital regularly conducts fire and disaster-preparedness drills to help us maintain our high level of readiness in the event of a true fire or disaster. During a drill, hospital staff may temporarily close all doors on the floor. Patients and visitors are asked to remain in their room until the drill is over.

Extra Security for Newborns

Our HUGS Protection System provides a high level of security to prevent infant or child abduction. This is in addition to the many protection procedures already in place at Holland Hospital. Nurses and staff in the Boven Birth Center wear pink ID badges for easy identification.


Wheelchairs for patients or visitors are located on all nursing units and at hospital entrances. For safety purposes, please ask for assistance from health care staff when getting in and out of a wheelchair.

Additional Safety Measures for Patients and Visitors

For the well-being of all our patients, no one should visit the hospital if they are not feeling well, have a cold, or have been exposed to a contagious illness. All visitors should wash their hands when they enter a patient's room; a sink and hand sanitizer are located just inside the door.

Cell Phones

Cell phones may not be used in any patient care areas and should be turned off. The radio frequency signals used in this technology can interfere with the operation of medical equipment.


We provide 24-hour security staff who make frequent rounds. If you have a security concern or would like to request an escort to your car, call Security Services at (616) 394-3736. 

No Latex; Mylar Welcome

Due to severe allergic reactions to latex rubber suffered by some patients, latex balloons are not permitted in the hospital. Visitors are asked to bring Mylar balloons instead to bring cheer to their patient.

Smoke-free Environment

To ensure the health and safety of Holland Hospital patients, visitors and employees, smoking is not permitted in any Holland Hospital building or on the premises, including walkways and parking facilities.

Holland Hospital offers smoking-cessation classes throughout the year for the entire community. For information, call (616) 394-33344 or see class listings at hollandhospital.org.

Concealed Weapons

Holland Hospital prohibits persons from carrying a handgun, firearm, or prohibited weapon of any kind onto hospital property regardless of whether or not the person is licensed to carry the weapon. The only exceptions are law enforcement officers or other persons given written consent by the hospital to carry a weapon while performing specific tasks for the hospital.

Prohibited weapons include all firearms, explosives, illegal knives or other weapons restricted under local, state, or federal law.


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