Holland Hospital is committed to the privacy of our patients and the security of all patient health information. We adhere strictly to privacy standards set forth by HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

For Your Safety

  • Your care team will check your armband each time they give you medications, including IV medications.
  • Staff will ask you to identify yourself, or have your advocate identify you, before performing tests and procedures.
  • If you are scheduled for surgery, we ask you to confirm where you are having surgery and then mark the surgical site.
  • Staff will take appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of infections in the hospital. When blood is drawn, you will be asked to confirm that the tube is labeled correctly with your name.

Staff Identification Badges

Every health care professional involved in your care—doctor, nurse, social worker, lab technician, clergy, dietitian or volunteer—is required to wear photo identification (ID) badge. This hospital requirement enables patients to know who is involved in their care at all times. The badges also serve as a security measure to ensure that only the appropriate medical staff are providing treatment or reviewing patient medical records. If you question the identity of any medical staff member involved in your care, you should summon a nurse immediately with the nurse call button. (Note: Hospital staff from the Boven Birth Center wear pink ID badges at all times.)


It is very important that you inform your physician and nurse of any medication you have brought with you to the hospital. Patients should not take any medications other than those specified or approved by their physician and administered by the nursing staff.

Emergency Drills

For the protection of our patients and visitors, Holland Hospital conducts fire and disaster-preparedness drills regularly to help us maintain our high level of readiness in the event of a true fire or disaster. Patients and visitors in the hospital at the time of a drill are asked to remain calm and in their room. The hospital meets all fire codes and the staff is trained in fire protection. During a drill, hospital staff may temporarily close all doors on the floor.


Members of the Security Department provide safety and security for patients, visitors and staff 24 hours a day. Officers patrol the Holland Hospital building and grounds, and will assist patients and visitors whenever needed. If you have a security concern or would like to request an escort to your car, call the Security Department or go to the security desk at the hospital entrance.


Wheelchairs are located on all nursing units. For safety purposes, please ask for assistance from any health care staff when getting in and out of a wheelchair.



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