Before Receiving Services

Following are important steps you should take prior to receiving services at Holland Hospital to help us process your claims and avoid unexpected expenses.

Verify That Holland Hospital is an “In Network” Provider

Holland Hospital participates in most major health insurance plans. However, you should verify with your insurance company that Holland Hospital is an approved service provider. If the hospital is not, you may be responsible for paying a larger portion of the charges. Many insurance companies post an Approved Provider List on their websites.

Confirm Your Insurance Coverage

Patients should verify with their insurance company whether specific procedures or services will be covered under their plan, and obtain pre-authorization, if required. Some procedures or services may not be covered or may require pre-authorization in order for your insurance to pay the claim.

If you are scheduled for a surgical procedure, an MRI, MRA, CT, or other radiological procedures or pathological services, we recommend that you contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible to determine if the service is covered, and if the procedure requires a PRECERTIFICATION or AUTHORIZATION prior to receiving the service. Under most insurance policies, the patient and/or the ordering physician is responsible for obtaining a precertification or authorization.

Provide Updated and Accurate Information

It is important that you provide us with updated and accurate insurance information for all the insurance plans under which you are covered at the time of service. If you are covered under more than one insurance plan, it is helpful if you indicate which plan is primary. This assists the hospital and your insurance companies with coordinating plan benefits.

If Uninsured, Request an Estimate of Charges

Holland Hospital will provide an estimate of hospital charges upon request. If you will be seeking treatment at Holland Hospital for a work-related injury, please notify your employer and get authorization prior to your visit. When you arrive at Holland Hospital, inform the registration clerk that you’re seeking treatment for a work-related injury. If this is a Worker’s Compensation claim, provide us with your employer and health-insurance information.


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