People With Asthma Can Learn To Identify and Avoid “Triggers”

Asthma can be controlled with prescription medications that may help to prevent or relieve symptoms.

People with asthma can learn to identify and avoid “triggers”—substances, environments and activities that initiate asthmatic episodes. Working with your (and your child’s) primary care physician or pulmonary specialist is the best way to manage this chronic condition. Following are some components of asthma treatment and management:
  • Identify and minimize asthma triggers
  • Use medication as prescribed
  • Monitor your asthma to avoid factors that induce or trigger symptoms
  • Know what do to when your asthma gets worse
You can prevent some asthma attacks by avoiding those things that cause them.
  • Irritants in the air
  • Things you are allergic to
  • Exercise if this is a trigger.
  • Avoid infections


Daniel Golin, MD, Lakeshore Health Partners - Pediatrics and Med/Peds discusses possible symptoms of asthma in children.