Joint Replacement Center

Holland Hospital's Joint Replacement Center within the new Spine & Orthopedics Unit performs hundreds of hip, knee and shoulder replacements each year. Our dedicated joint care experts and comprehensive approach provide an excellent patient experience.

American Best 100 Hospitals for Joint Replacement SurgerySuperior outcomes and high satisfaction place us among the leading joint replacement centers nationwide. If you have chronic joint pain, we offer a range of options for relief and the restoration to help you enjoy a more active life.

The program features:

  • Joint Care Coordinator: to coordinate your care plan and ensure the best quality care
  • Expert Team: skilled in working with joint replacement patients
  • Private Rooms: to support the unique recovery needs of joint patients
  • Special Equipment: to maximize comfort & support effective recovery
  • Group Activities: including group therapy, lunches and friends & family as your coaches
  • Home Therapy & Outpatient Rehabilitation: a range of options to best meets your needs
It all worked out very, very nice. The physical care was excellent. They did an excellent job, from pre-op through surgery and discharge, and the follow-up care, everything was outstanding, and every single person was very nice and everything was high quality.