Intensive Care: A Team of Medical Experts

Holland Hospital believes that when it comes to intensive care, a team of medical experts working seamlessly together provide the best care a patient can receive.

Our nationally-recognized, top-rated Intensive Care/Telemetry (ICU/TU) specialists are dedicated to identifying and applying the best evidence-based practices to every patient’s care.

Specialists from medical services throughout the hospital work along side in evaluating patients' conditions and deciding on the best treatments. This team approach not only ensures the best patient outcomes, but it allows each patient’s care to be customized to their specific needs.


Hospitalists are physicians who specializes in providing care for patients while they are hospitalized—rather than seeing them in an office setting. A hospitalist may be responsible for your care or involved in your care during your stay in ICU.  Hospitalists work closely with a patient's primary care physician. Upon hospital admission, the hospitalist will inform your physician's office and obtain any necessary information and records. They remain in contact with your physician as needed during your hospital stay. Upon discharge from the hospital, a copy of the discharge report is sent to your physician

Surgeons & Specialty Physicians

Holland Hospital's expert surgeons monitor the progress of their patients in the ICU/TU. With access to surgeons from every discipline and care department, every patient's specific needs are addressed through our team approach to individualized care.


All of the physicians practicing at Holland Hospital are board certified or eligible to become board certified in their specialty area. This means that they have attained a level of knowledge, skill and expertise in their respective specialties that enables them to provide quality patient care. In order to become board certified, physicians undergo a rigorous examination process that they repeat every few years in order to maintain their certification.

Nurses Specializing in Intensive Care

Highly skilled nurses, specially trained in intensive care intervention, neurosurgery, multi-system failure and other high-risk situations, provide constant patient observation and monitoring in the ICU/TU.

Patient Care Assistants

Integral member of the patient care team who provide basic hygiene, comfort measures and other patient care tasks.

Chaplain and Clergy

Holland Hospital's chaplains and on-call area clergy are an integral part of our healing team. They are available to care for those who have a faith community, as well as those with no formal religious affiliation. The hospital’s chaplains are available 24 hours a day to provide a wide range of support services, or to simply stop by your room for a visit.

During daytime hours, chaplains can be reached at (616) 394-3360 or 3362. After 5:00 p.m. or on weekends, your nurse or hospital operator can contact the chaplain on-call for that evening or weekend. If requested, chaplains will also contact your pastor, priest, rabbi or congregation representative to let them know you are a patient here.


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David Bozaan, MD, Lakeshore Health Partners - Adult Hospitalist explains what a hospitalist does and how a hospitalist interacts with hospitalized patients and the patient's physician.