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When other treatments are ineffective, surgery can reduce or eliminate chronic joint pain and restore movement lost to injury, wear and tear or disease.

Since I have been living the past forty years in the Tri-Cities area of Michigan, I was not aware of the medical services available in Holland, Michigan. It wasn't until I needed a hip replacement that my search began for the right surgeon and the right hospital. After many months of investigation, it was my decision to have the procedure done at Holland Hospital. My care was the best from beginning to end. I can't thank the hospital and its staff enough for all they did for me. The surgical team was A-1. So be very "Thankful" Holland that you have something this special located in your community.

Traditional Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement surgery can relieve pain and improve mobility. Diseases like arthritis attack the cartilage that cushions your joints. When that cartilage has deteriorated substantially, a total hip replacement is often needed to help you resume an independent and active life. Traditional total hip replacement has been performed all over the world for many years and has proven to be a highly successful surgery—easing chronic pain and restoring mobility for improved quality of life.

During total hip replacement surgery, a surgeon removes damaged bone and replaces it with a joint made of high-tech metal, plastics and polymers. Factoring your age, activity level, and the range of hip implants available, your surgeon will select an appropriate hip joint and create a customized care plan for you.

Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Holland Hospital is one of the few hospitals in Michigan to offer Anterior Approach Hip Replacement, a muscle-sparing technique for total hip replacement which offers many potential benefits to those who meet the criteria for the procedure.  The Anterior Approach uses the same implants as traditional hip replacement. However, using the Anterior Approach, a smaller incision is used to reach the hip joint from the front of the hip joint (anterior) rather than the side (lateral) or back (posterior). Because the surgeon accesses the joint in this way, the important muscles for hip function are left undisturbed.

Compared to traditional total hip replacement, the Anterior Approach may offer:

  • reduced pain
  • faster healing and recovery time
  • less restriction of movement during recovery
  • greater joint stability after surgery

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing/Partial Hip Replacement

Physicians often advise patients with hip pain to hold off as long as possible before getting a hip replacement. That's because total hip replacements usually last about 15–20 years so younger patients may need another replacement later in life. For those who qualify, hip resurfacing (also called Birmingham Hip Resurfacing or BHR) may be an alternative to total hip replacement.

Hip Resurfacing Benefits

  • Saves Bone—With hip resurfacing, the ball and socket bones are resurfaced rather than completely replaced.
  • Improved Stability—The size of the implant may also help retain hip stability and range of movement.
  • Relieves pain—Hip resurfacing implants offer many years of pain relief for qualifying patients.
  • Return to Activity—Many hip resurfacing patients resume low impact activities safely, free from pain and stiffness.
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