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Holland Hospital is the lakeshore leader in health care quality and value. Holland Hospital's ongoing commitment to excellence is demonstrated in physician expertise, the highest standards of patient centered care and DNV ISO certification. This commitment to excellence places Holland Hospital among the top 2% of all hospitals in the country.

Physician Lecture Series Free Community Talks

Trouble Hearing? Listen Up.
Thursday, January 8: 6-7 pm

If your hearing isn't what it used to be, join hearing experts Peter VanderMeer, MD, and Mary VanWieren, AuD, from Lakeshore Health Partners – Ear, Nose and Throat as they present the latest findings on hearing loss, prevention and the latest treatments. Audiologists will also be on hand to answer questions about hearing aids. Reserve your seat now for this free presentation.

If You Are Expecting a Baby
Make Sure You Have an Up-to-date Tdap Immunization

Getting a tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (Tdap) vaccine during the last trimester of pregnancy is safe for the fetus. Pregnant women are urged to get the Tdap inoculation to provide protection against pertussis, also called whooping cough, during the first two months of their newborn's life. Babies cannot be vaccinated against whooping cough until they are 2 months old, and during that period the antibodies they've inherited from their mother are their only defense. Read more about this important vaccine.

Healthy Life, Winter 2015
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Listen to the Experts

Let's Talk About Female Incontinence
Many women experience urinary incontinence, often due to pregnancy and childbirth. Incontinence is also common during and after menopause, leading many women to believe it’s just another sign of aging. Urologist Michael Traver, MD, Western Michigan Urological Associates discusses the treatment options for female incontinence.

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