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Holland Hospital is the lakeshore leader in health care quality and value. Holland Hospital's ongoing commitment to excellence is demonstrated in physician expertise, the highest standards of patient centered care and DNV ISO certification. This commitment to excellence places Holland Hospital among the top hospitals in the country.

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Starting July 1, 2015 all Holland Hospital locations will be tobacco free.

The use of tobacco of any kind, including smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes will not be allowed in our buildings, on our grounds or in parking lots. Our mission is to improve the health of the community and we are committed to the health and well-being of our patients, visitors, employees, volunteers and providers. Thank you for not smoking or using tobacco while at Holland Hospital locations and supporting our efforts to create a healthier environment for everyone. If you are a patient we can provide nicotine replacement options if you talk to your nurse or provider.

Understanding Varicose Veins and Treatments
Thursday, July 9: 6 - 7 pm

Nearly 60% of men and women suffer from some form of vein disorder. Varicose veins can bulge and cause pain and swelling in the legs and calves. Symptomatic varicose veins—also known as chronic venous insufficiency—are common, and it’s a medical condition caused by vein valve dysfunction that can be easily evaluated and diagnosed by ultrasound. Join Brian Dishinger, MD, to discuss symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency and how to treat them using today’s latest techniques. Reserve your seat for this free presentation.

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Knee Injuries in Athletes
Bruce Stewart, MD, shares ways to prevent and treat knee injuries.

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Connect Socially