Cardiology & Vascular Services

Holland Hospital's state-of-the-art facilities are staffed by experienced, board-certified cardiologists and specially trained nurses and technicians who ensure patients receive immediate, appropriate and compassionate care.

During a cardiac emergency, immediate intervention is critical to your chances of survival and recovery.

We provide cardiology and vascular patients with superior  treatment, education and ongoing support  in a compassionate environment. We believe the best way to help you transform your health and wellness is to empower you with the right information, the latest treatment options, and the guidance and support to get you there.

Partnership for Exceptional Care and Convenience

Spectrum Health Heart & Vascular Services, has proudly partnered with Holland Hospital in opening local offices on the hospital's campus. The new 10,000 square-foot building is home to Spectrum Health Heart and Vascular Center with the offices of local cardiologists, midlevel providers, nursing, clerical and clinical support team. A separate entrance, adjacent parking and a direct connection to the hospital means patients have easy access for appointments, diagnostic testing, cardiovascular treatment, cardiac rehabilitation and other hospital services.


Parking is available for patients in the Orange Visitor lot.


West Michigan Heart
Spectrum Health Heart & Vascular Center
(616) 392-3824


Parking Map


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