Your Care

Holland Hospital believes that patients undergoing cancer treatment deserve competent and compassionate care.

We're committed to giving you the highest quality care in a supportive and comforting environment.

Patient Centered

You can expect special attention during this trying time. Your care team will go a step beyond just getting to know you to understand how cancer is affecting your life, as well as the lives of your family members. In doing so, we can learn how to best support you and help meet your needs. For women with breast cancer, we are staffed with a nurse navigator, an experienced oncology nurse who can assist with scheduling, provide information, link you to resources and, in general, serve as your personal advocate.

Quality Care

Holland Hospital maintains the highest standards of care to provide patients quality outcomes. From minimally-invasive and robot-assisted surgeries to the latest in digital-imaging-guided procedures and advanced chemotherapy and radiation protocols, plus partnerships with area cancer specialists, Holland Hospital is committed to keeping pace with medical innovation.