Treatments & Services

Your treatment program will be customized to take into account the type of cancer you have, the location and stage of cancer growth, your overall health and personal preferences.

Common treatments for cancer include:

  • Chemotherapy – special medications administered to slow and prevent cancer growth
  • Radiation Therapy – offered in partnership with Lakeshore Radiation Oncology Center
  • Surgery – including minimally invasive, robotic-assisted and traditional surgical approaches
  • Interventional Radiology- non-surgical procedures used to prepare for chemotherapy (such as inserting a port) or to treat cancer itself (such as depriving tumors of their blood supply as in uterine fibroid embolization).
  • Biologic Therapy – substances to boost the body's natural defenses against cancer

No alternative medicines have been discovered which can cure cancer. However, complementary therapies may help manage the side effects of cancer treatment, especially fatigue. These therapies may include gentle exercise, stress management and other techniques.

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