Breast Basics

Annual mammograms - a highly effective method for detecting breast cancer early - are recommended starting at age 40. 

We know that breast concerns affect not only your physical health, but other aspects of your well-being. Exceptional care begins with the latest technology and expert treatment. We don't stop there. We offer additional services to enhance your nutrition, exercise and resilience - so you can take an active role in your own health.


An annual mammogram could save your life. Holland Hospital's digital mammography assures the clearest, most detailed mammogram available. According to the American Cancer Society, the key to detection is to follow screening guidelines, which for most women means getting mammograms starting at age 40. Mammograms, clinical breast exams and breast self-exams are a highly effective combination for early detection, when breast cancer is the most treatable.

Holland Hospital has three convenient locations:

  • Holland Hospital Breast Health Services
  • Lakeshore Medical Campus
  • Holland Hospital Medical Building in Zeeland

Every woman deserves access to care, but not everyone can afford it.

Many women don't schedule a screening mammogram because of financial challenges or inadequate insurance. Holland Hospital has partnered with three local organizations to help potential patients qualify for breast health screenings. We encourage women who are delaying their screening due to financial concerns to contact one of these organizations and ask about the Holland Hospital Breast Care Fund.
  • City on a Hill Health Clinic (616) 748-6009
  • Holland Community Health Center (616) 394-3788
  • InterCare Community Health Network (855) 869-6900

Breast Self-Examination

Breast self-examination is an important technique to help monitor breast health. Many women first detect a change in their breast when they feel a lump or other types of change that they haven't felt before. If you detect a change, even if a recent mammogram was normal, make an appointment with your doctor right away.

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    Susan Ervine, MD, Holland Hospital Comprehensive Breast Services discusses breast health and breast imaging.