Rehabilitation & Recovery

Help for recovery and rehabilitation after breast cancer treatments to improve general health and well-being are available.


Holland Hospital Rehabilitation Services provides dedicated therapy and intervention after a mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast reconstruction.

The Comprehensive Breast Care Services include specially trained therapists who will assess, treat and help reduce possible side effects such as scarring adhesions, cording, myofascial restriction, reduction of swelling and to help you maintain proper mobility and range of motion needed for daily living. The therapists are Lymphedema-Certified and have had Breast Care Rehabilitation training and certification from nationally recognized Klose training.

Early intervention can help reduce complications during the recovery process as well as improve healing time. Our Rehabilitation team offers a comprehensive program to provide you with the care and services you need post-surgically in the hospital for positioning and education, at home for continued support and in our outpatient clinics.

The team will work closely with your physician to determine your need based on your specific surgery and upcoming follow-up care.

Survivorship & Support

Once active treatment has finished you will begin a follow-up routine for on-going monitoring and care. We also offer a variety of services and support to help you before, during and after your breast cancer treatment. Speak with your nurse navigator about your needs.


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