Bone Health Services

Our bone health services team provides comprehensive treatment options – including medication and exercises to help you achieve optimal bone health.

We’re committed to providing you safer and healthier options so you can continue the activities you enjoy - without worrying about a broken or fractured bone. From prevention to maintenance, completing a bone health assessment helps determine the right treatment plan that complements your lifestyle.

Dr. Anne McKay talks about osteoporosis causes and treatments.

The Holland Hospital Bone Health program is led by Dr. Anne M. McKay, DNP, ANP-BC, CCD, Nurse Practitioner. Anne holds a doctorate degree in nursing practice and specializes in osteoporosis diagnosis and management with extensive knowledge and expertise in the development of comprehensive osteoporosis-specific care.

Holland Hospital Own The Bone Own the Bone is a national program that seeks to reduce incidence of future fractures and the impact of osteoporosis. The Own the Bone program is guided by nationally-recognized bone health experts in orthopedic surgery, endocrinology, gerontology rheumatology, women's health and family medicine. Holland Hospital's participation in Own the Bone is part of our commitment to the health and care of our community.

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Holland Hospital Bone Health Services
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Anne McKay, MSN, ANP-BC, CCD, Holland Hospital Bone Health Services and Shanon Walko, DO, Lakeshore Health Partners—Internal Medicine discuss bone health.
Anne McKay, ANP-BC talks about osteoporosis causes and treatments.