Diabetes Care

Whether you're newly diagnosed with diabetes or need a refresher on the best ways to manage the disease, Holland Hospital's Diabetes Self-Management Education Program can help.

The program is staffed by Registered Nurses and Dietitians who provide comprehensive and ongoing education aimed at successful management of the disease.

Participants enter the program upon referral by their doctor, and services are covered by most insurance plans. You should participate if you are:
  • Newly diagnosed with diabetes
  • Starting a new treatment plan
  • Interested in the latest treatment options
  • Struggling with food choices

Benefits include:

  • Feeling empowered to manage your diabetes
  • Lower healthcare costs as a result of improved control
  • Decreased risk of eye, foot, kidney and cardiovascular diseases
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved quality of life

The Diabetes Self-Management Education Program also provides education and services for:

  • Continuous glucose monitoring studies
  • Training in the initiation of insulin therapy
  • Assistance with intensive insulin management
  • Insulin pump therapy management
  • Gestational diabetes counseling

Talk to your doctor about a referral to Holland Hospital Diabetes Self-Management Education Program.


Julie Husmann
Diabetes Program Coordinator
(616) 394-3273


Julie Husmann, MSM, RD, CDE, Holland Hospital Center for Good Health discusses the influence of weight on blood sugar, the effect of physical activity on blood sugar and how to incorporate exercise into your day.