Bladder and Pelvic Health Team

Team Approach for Success

Our Bladder and Pelvic health experts treat pelvic concerns with care, sensitivity and expertise so you benefit from the combined expertise of a team who specialize in health issues related to the pelvic region and can provide rehabilitative, medical and surgical solutions. This approach allows the patient and medical team to work together to provide personalized care. The team includes pelvic health rehabilitation specialists, urologists, nurses, and skilled professionals in radiology and other disciplines.

Our sensitive, caring specialists provide answers and treat all women’s health, urinary or pelvic health issues and we use the most advanced techniques and technology so  you receive the best possible care no matter your problem. Our pelvic health physical therapists are trained specifically in pelvic health therapy and the development of individualized treatment strategies tailored to each patient's needs. Our team will work closely with you and your primary care physician to assure continuity of care. As the patient, you are the center of our treatment program. Your needs and wishes shape the treatment plan and goals.


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