Double the Blessings

A Family Experience in Boven Birth Center

Heading into the holiday season typically brings joy and happiness, not chaos and fright. For Andrea and Nick Cassidy, the 2014 holiday season brought joy with the birth of their twins Clark and Mae, but not before overcoming “absolute panic.”

On November 14, Andrea was admitted to Holland Hospital with complications. Only 31 weeks pregnant, she had to wait until she reached between 32-34 weeks to be induced. “This was not how or when we planned on our twins arriving,” Nick Cassidy says. “A month in the hospital is not on any mother’s birthing plan.”

After interacting with nearly every nurse on the Boven Birth Center (BBC) floor, the staff felt like family to the Cassidy family. Andrea was on strict bed rest; however prior to giving birth, Cassidy was able to tour the special care unit, which brought ease to an otherwise overwhelming situation. Because of strict bed rest, getting out of bed wasn’t frequent. On one special occasion, while Cassidy was out of her room, the nurses decorated her room with lights for the holiday season.

The afterbirth care in the special care unit was a great experience for the family as well. After spending a few weeks there, on December 17, the family was able to take Clark and Mae home. The Cassidy’s are still supported by staff members who still follow up, such as Kim Klenk, “I am very thankful for the friendship of the Cassidy family. They provided so much love and support to Clark and Mae.” So many members of the Boven Birth Center team made an impact to the new family of five. “I can’t say enough great things,” says Cassidy. “The babies are happy and healthy.”


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