Problem Gambling

Holland Hospital Behavioral Health Services is the only provider in Ottawa or Allegan County that is authorized by the State of Michigan to offer state-funded care (at no charge to the client) for problem gambling concerns.

The irresistible urge to gamble despite negative consequences can cause major disruptions in all aspects of life. Problem gambling can damage personal and family relationships, jeopardize household finances, disrupt work performance and put physical and mental health at risk. It is characterized by a progressive need to bet more and gamble more frequently along with an increase in restlessness, irritability or other change in behavior.

When does gambling become a problem?

  • Are you neglecting your bills?
  • Have you used your savings, insurance, retirement or investment money to gamble?
  • Do you have large credit card debt because of gambling?
  • Are you neglecting your health or personal needs
  • Are you withdrawing from family or friends?
  • Are you spending more time in secret gambling activities?
  • Do you find your mood changes with wins and losses?
Answering yes to even one of these questions can indicate that gambling is becoming a problem. According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, 6 million adults meet the criteria for gambling addiction. Contact the Problem Gambling Hotline or Holland Hospital Behavioral Health Services for a free screening.
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Support Groups

Gamblers Anonymous
Thursday 7 pm
St. Patricks Church Family Center
US 31 & Fulton St. Grand Haven

Thursday 10 am
Evergreen Ministries
4512 48th Ave. Hudsonville

Gam-Anon (for spouses)
second Thursday of each month


Behavioral Health
854 S. Washington Ave. Ste. 330
Holland, MI 49423

(616) 355-3926
Gambling Hotline
Michigan: 1-800-270-7117


Hear Michael Burke, nationally recognized speaker and author of "Never Enough: One Lawyer's True Story of How He  Gambled His Career Away", speak on his personal journey with gambling.
Whether you know a problem gambler or treat clients with a gambling addiction, this program is an eye-opening look at a serious mental health concern and the effective solutions that are available in our area.