Commitment to Quality

At Holland Hospital, we believe that patients make better decisions about their health care when they have access to accurate information. That's why we're committed to reporting on key measures of health care quality such as patient outcomes, quality processes, patient experience and industry recognition.

Below are some key elements of high-quality health care, and Holland Hospital's performance on incorporating quality into everything we do.


Safety is an essential part of a high-quality health care service. Holland Hospital researches and identifies “best practices” proven to maximize effectiveness and to provide the safest and cleanest environment for our patients. Holland Hospital also participates in state- and nationwide safety programs that enable us to learn from other hospitals. Our approach is to continually adopt the safest practices. Your safety is a top priority at Holland Hospital.

Patient Centered Care

Consistent high-quality health care is a team effort involving your primary care physician, your surgeon, your nurses, and many other specialists - all working seamlessly together to perform numerous tasks throughout the hospital - to ensure accurate and timely medications, provide nutritious and delicious meals, and maintain spotlessly clean rooms for each patient - just to name a few. Quality also includes many things patients may not directly see but know are important, such as proven treatment guidelines and protocols, the latest technology, strict adherence to patient safety procedures and more.

Holland Hospital has assembled a high-caliber team to meet our objectives. More than 300 physicians practice at Holland Hospital, representing three dozen medical specialties. All are board certified, or eligible to become board certified, in their area of specialty. This means that they have attained a high level of knowledge and expertise and have passed a rigorous examination that is repeated every few years.

More than 2,000 dedicated individuals, including over 700 registered nurses and unit technicians provide direct care for patients. Hundreds of other clinical staff members provide specialized services like radiology, lab tests, counseling and rehabilitation. Other employees work behind the scenes to keep our advanced technology operating and up-to-date, maintain patient accounts, and the numerous other jobs necessary to keep the hospital running efficiently.

Holland Hospital is ranked at the top nationally for patient satisfaction. 99% of patients would choose Holland Hospital again and 98% would recommend Holland Hospital to family and friends. Holland Hospital is also the recipient of HealthGrades Outstanding Patient Experience award for four years in a row. There is emerging evidence that a good patient care experience contributes to good health outcomes.

Evidence-based Procedures

Process of care and evidence based approach are a cornerstone of medical quality at Holland Hospital to ensure the best outcomes and provide flexibility to tailor care for each patient's specific needs. Groups of physicians and clinical caregivers gather regularly in teams to focus on improving care and applying best practices. These teams are supported by both the physician leadership and hospital administration as they research, monitor, and improve the care provided in their area. Results will include the creation of clinical protocols and care pathways which serve as “best practice templates” for physicians, nurses, and other professionals involved in each patient’s care. Our "process of care measures"–measurements that track our use of proven best-practice standards–place Holland Hospital among the top-performing hospitals in the nation. We have been the recipient of HeahthGrades Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence for three years in a row.

Holland Hospital is one of the few hospitals to achieve the international standard for quality: ISO 9001-2008 certification. This universal benchmark demonstrates our commitment to organizational excellence. Systematically improving quality is the foundation of improved outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

Advanced Technologies

At Holland Hospital we use the latest and most appropriate medical technology and equipment to diagnose and treat patients as well as make many processes safer and more efficient. When diagnosing a patient’s illness or developing a plan, our doctors and clinical staff rely on medical technologies to obtain the best information. With a forward-thinking medical staff and leadership team, Holland Hospital has acquired technology that has enabled us to expand our services. With our commitment to meeting the needs of the community through the acquisition of technology, patients can receive state-of-the-art care close to home.

Health Outcomes

Health outcomes are the most immediate measure of a hospital's excellence. As the Agency for Health Care Quality Research defines it quality healthcare is "doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right person, and having the best possible result." Holland Hospital ranks consistently high vs. national and regional averages in the following areas:

  • Surgery
  • Stroke
  • Pneumonia
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Mortality Rates
  • Readmission Rates
  • Healthcare Associated Infections


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