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Author:  Ashley, Stanley W. - editor in chief

Subject:  Surgery

Author:  Howard, Jonathan MD

Subject:  Neurology

Subject:  Medical Education

Author:  Alquire, Pactick C.

Subject:  Internal Medicine

Author:  Zaccagnini, Mary E. , White Kathrym Waud

Subject:  Education, Nursing, Graduate; Nurse Clinicians--education; Nurse practitioners -- education

Author:  Gibbs, Ronald S

Subject:  obstetrics; gynecology; Genital diseases, female

Author:  Vassariello, Liz; Sass Cynthia

Subject:  Food & Cooking; Wwellness; Reducing diets - recipes

Author:  Fischer, Lynn

Subject:  Food & cooking; Wellness; Cookery; Low-fat diet - recipes

Author:  Fittaante, Ann; and the editors of prevention magazine

Subject:  Food & Cooking; Wellness; Diabetes- diet therapy; Reducing diets - recipes; High-fiber diet - recipes

Author:  Levin, Karen

Subject:  Food & cooking; Wellness; Turkey recipies

Author:  Brand-Miller, Jennie; Wolever, Thomas; Colagiuri, Stephen; Foster-Powel, Kaye

Subject:  Food & Cooking; Wellness; Glycemic Index; Low glycemic recipies

Author:  Harrar, Sari

Subject:  Food & cooking, Wellness; Glycemic index; Blood sugar; insuling resistance

Author:  Becker, Gratchen

Subject:  Self-Care; Wellness; prediabetes; diabetes - prevention

Author:  O'Connell, Theodore X.

Subject:  Clinical Medicine

Author:  Sun, John C

Subject:  Internal Medicine, Inpatients; Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures

Author:  Wachtel, Tom J.

Subject:  Geriatrics

Author:  Waldman, Scott A; Terzic, Andre

Subject:  Pharmacology; Chemotherapy; Drug therapy

Author:  Zaoutis

Subject:  Pediatrics. Hospital care. Pediatrics. Child, Hospitalized. Hospitalists.

Author:  Standring, Susan

Subject:  Human Anatomy

Author:  Seffinger, Rayymond J.; Hruby, Raymond J.

Subject:  Evidence-based medicine; Musculoskeletal Diseases; Manipulation, Orhtopedic

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