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Author:  Shaw, Eva,

Subject:  Children -- Literary collections. ; WellnessCollection; parenting

Author:  Lehmann, William,

Subject:  Fathers -- Religious life.; Wellness; Parenting

Author:  William Sears and Martha Sears.

Subject:  Newborn infants -- Care. Infants -- Development.; Wellness

Author:  Craig T. Ramey, Sharon L. Ramey.

Subject:  Parenting; .Child development. ; Wellness

Author:  Green, Morris., Palfrey, Judith.

Subject:  Preventive health services for children; Child Welfare; Adolescent; Wellness; Parenting

Author:  Tepper, Stewart J., editor of compilation. ; Tepper, Deborah E., editor of compilation.

Subject:  Headache -- diagnosis -- Handbooks. ;

Author:  Wichmann, Matthias W.; Maddern, Guy J., editor.

Subject:  Pain -- surgery.; Pain -- surgery.; Palliative Care -- methods.; Quality of Life.; Terminal Care -- methods.

Author:   George W. Holcomb III, J. Patrick Murphy, Daniel J. Ostlie

Subject:  Child. Surgical Procedures, Operative.

Author:   Jones, Kenneth Lyons; Campo, Miguel del; Jones, Marilyn C.

Subject:  Abnormalities, Human.

Author:  Likosky, David J.; Freeman, W. David; Pistoris, Michael; Josephson, Scott

Subject:  Nervous system - diseases - diagnosis

Author:  Levonson, Wendy

Subject:  Professionalism

Author:  McAninch, Jack W.

Subject:  Urology

Author:  Klamen, Debra L.

Subject:  Case Files - discussion

Subject:  Cardiovascular health; Wellness-General

Author:  Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

Subject:  Movement; exercise; Wellness; Yoga

Author:  Cunningham, Heiki RD

Subject:  Holiday cooking; health, recipes, Wellness, food & cooking

Author:  Lalwani, Anil K.

Subject:  Otolaryngology diagnosis, therapy

Author:  Skinner, Harry B.

Subject:  Orthopedics - diagnosis; therapy

Author:  Williams, Brie A

Subject:  geriatric care

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